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107th Mayor of
New York City

Rudy Giuliani

The Tenacity to Persevere: How to Make it Through Any Crisis

As Mayor Rudy Giuliani began his first mayoral term he inherited a New York City awash with violence a crumbling infrastructure and residential flight to the suburbs. 10 years later due to Mayor Giuliani's leadership New York City was one of America's safest cities where economic development thrived and families flocked to live.

Just when New Yorkers were beginning to enjoy the city's revitalization the unimaginable hit on 9-11. Giuliani swiftly marshaled his remarkable leadership skills to pull his city and perhaps the entire nation through the crisis. It was no accident that Giuliani was able to accomplish miracles during those grim days. In this powerful session Rudy Giuliani provides unparalleled insights about leading during trying circumstances.

  • How to Overcome Unforeseen Challenges
  • How to Lead in Times of Crisis
  • Strategies to Manage your Time Your Talent and Your Team
  • Ways to Communicate with Confidence and Clarity
  • Key Principles Necessary for Wise Decision-Making
Your Economy
Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media


America's Promise: Your Keys to Growth & Opportunity

Steve Forbes President and CEO of Forbes Inc. and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine is the nation's foremost expert on business trends and economic growth. He'll reveal:

  • How to Balance Your Personal and Professional Priorities
  • Strategies that Thriving Corporations Use to Stay Ahead of the Pack
  • An Insider's Look at Where Our Economy is Heading
  • How to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead
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Legendary President
of Microsoft


How to Manage Lead and Succeed

Rick Belluzzo is the legendary President and Chief Operating Officer for Microsoft. He produced STAGGERING profits while at Microsoft and during his session he'll show you how to do the same! Rick will show you the key management and business strategies necessary to deliever AMAZING results for you and your company!

  • Increase Profits Even in the Toughest Economy
  • Ways to Manage People and Process for Top Performance
  • How to Get to the Top while Pulling Others Up Along the Way
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Sales & Negotiation
America's Top
Sales Trainer

Les Brown

How to Strengthen Your Sales & Negotiation Skills

Les Brown is America's Sales Guru. In his exciting session he will reveal the secrets to MAXIMIZING your sales potential! Les will teach you how to prosper for a lifetime - in virtually any industry and in ANY economy!

  • 4 Power Closes that Work Every Time
  • How to Overcome Objections and Close the Sale
  • Proven Strategies to Build Rapport in 5 Minutes
  • Your Can Have it All: Best Price High Quality and Top Services


“Insight. Knowledge. Wisdom.”
–Joyce Pollich

“The greatest legends in the country.”
–M. Anderson

“Attend! Attend! Attend!”
–Eva Wallace

“Go for it, be there, and don’t miss out. It’s incredible, exciting and life changing.”
–Kevin Johnson “

The best investment I’ve made in years.”
–Eric Safranek

“Great value for money, life and future.”
–Kevin Chambers

Commander of Space Shuttle Endeavour


How to Stay Motivated

Captain Mark Kelly is an American astronaut retired US Navy Captain best-selling author and an experienced naval aviator who flew combat missions during the Gulf War. He is also the husband of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who's heroic story of survival will motivate you to continue fighting even against all odds.

  • How to Have Courage Under Pressure
  • Ways to Overcome Unexpected Challenges
  • How to Get Focused Stay Motivated and Keep Going
First Woman to Win
The Apprentice

Kendra Todd

How to Achieve Your Goals

Kendra Todd was the first woman to win NBC's The Apprentice with Donald Trump and is the consummate role model for professional women. She is a real estate expert and was the host of HGTV's My House Is Worth What? Her first book Risk and Grow Rich was an instant success conveying the challenge and importance of taking risks to create wealth.

  • How to Create Business Tactics that Beat the Competition
  • How to Maximize your Team's Performance to Guarantee Success
  • The Three Keys to Winning for Women
  • Achieve Success by Empowering Others to Create Real Positive Relationships
Dallas Cowboys Star Quarterback

Tony Romo

How to Outperform the Competition

Tony Romo will give you the play-by play to get your team to the top. In his motivational session he will show you how to overcome every obstacle and break through every barrier holding you back.

  • How to have the Commitment and Passion of Champions
  • Turning Your Setbacks into Comebacks
  • Turn Workplace Stress into Gridiron Success
  • How to Be Recognized and Rewarded for your Effort
  • How to Create a Winning Mindset
Sales & Negotiation
America's #1
Authority on Selling


How to Strengthen Your Sales& Negotiation Skills

Tom Hopkins is America's Sales Guru. In his exciting session, he will reveal the secrets to MAXIMIZING your sales potential! Tom will teach you how to prosper for a lifetime - in virtually any industry, and in ANY economy!

  • Proven Strategies to Build Rapport in 5 Minutes or Less
  • How to Overcome Objections and Close the Sale
  • 4 Power Closes that Work Every Time
  • You Can Have it All: Best Price, High Quality, and Top Service

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We are so convinced you will LOVE this event that if after attending, you are not completely convinced that the skills you have learned are worth far more than the entry price, simply turn in your materials and receipt at the end of the event to an onsite representative for a full 100% money back refund – no questions asked!

America's #1 Motivator

Tom Ziglar

Born to Win

Tom Ziglar is the son of Legendary motivator Zig Ziglar and CEO of Ziglar Inc. In his motivating session he will share the inspiring 'Ziglar Pure and Simple' message that has inspired millions around the world.

  • How to Build your Strengths and Strengthen your Weaknesses
  • Top Strategies to Accelerate your Growth and Performance
  • Ways to get Excellent Performance from Yourself and Others
  • Find your Secret Success Code
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Head Coach of the Dallas Mavericks

Rick Carlisle

How to Lead Your Team to Victory

Rick Carlisle is one of the most successful head coaches in the NBA and also one of the only 11 people to win an NBA championship both as a player and as a coach. In his exciting session he will share his personal game plan on achievement and success.

  • How you can use the competition to your advantage
  • Principles of stellar performance
  • How to compete at the highest level
  • How to keep a winning attitude when the chips are down